Gamble Songs

Titel Interpret
A Gamble Either Way                 Dolly Parton 
Ace In The Hole Diverse Interpreten 
Blackjack Airbourne
Blackjack Davey The Harris Brothers
Card Gamble F. Sonik
Das Kartenspiel Bruce Low
Der Spieler Achim Reichel
Desperado The Eagles
I Gamble First Thomas Cow
Schnapsen mit dem Teufel Jan Scheer
Solitaire Laura Branigan
Taking A Gamble Syar
That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker O.A.R.
The Art Of Losing American Hi-Fi
The Card Cheat The Clash
The Devil's Right Hand Diverse Interpreten
The Gambler Kenny Rogers
The Gambler's Regret Rumble Club
The Jack AC/DC
The Lovers Are Losing Keane
The Poker Rap The Dude Man
The Winner Takes It All Diverse Interpreten
This Losing Airborne Toxic Event
Tokimonsta-Gamble The Angkors
Vegas (Let's Go To Vegas) Diverse Interpreten
Waiting For The River E-ISME
Winner At A Losing Game Rascal Flatts